Thursday, October 30, 2008

Police chase

A redhead, a blond, and a brunette are being chased through a farm by a policeman. They happen into a barn and see three sacks, so they form a plan in that they will each hide in a sack.

They have just barely covered up when the policeman enters. He sees the sacks and starts to pick up the one that contains the redhead. Thinking fast, the redhead barks and growls, "Woof woof!" The policeman, believing that the sack contains a dog (after all, it is a farm), drops it and moves onto the one containing the brunette. She thinks fast, and starts yowling and hissing and saying "Meow meow" in the manner of a cat. Again, the policeman, thinking the sack contains a cat, drops it and moves onto the next one.

As he starts to pick up the last sack containing the blond, he hears a voice coming from it, yelling, "Potato!! Potato!!!"

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